eCommerce and shipping have evolved. Packaging has not. Until now. 

Presenting the first of its kind reusable shipping boxes, bags, and envelopes that can be reused over a hundred times with patented features that allow for easy use and convenient return.


Our remarkable new line of reusable boxes, bags, and envelopes will lower your costs, increase your brand’s affinity and reduce your company’s environmental footprint - making your customers happy and driving your business forward.

Tested for use 100+ times

Convert from full size to very small footprint for easy return.

Up to 5x as strong as single-use counterparts

Available in a variety of configurations (cold chain insulation, custom dividers, compartments and more)

Branding options available

Innovative security features

Approved for use by FedEX, UPS and USPS

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Along with remarkable cost savings over single-use, RETURNITY’s patented reusable packaging creates significant impact on your environmental footprint. See the potential environmental savings with our Environmental Saving's Calculator.

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