Reusable Packaging for eCommerce


Reusable shipping packaging that makes a difference for you and the environment.


Simply recycling packaging is no longer enough or
for consumers. Reusable is the new paradigm in the
circular economy. 
Returnity is the solution to the use once and recycle problem, rising packaging costs, and consumer complaints around excessive shipping packaging. Our products can be
easily recycled when no longer needed. Our patented designs save you money, create enhanced consumer experiences, and
reduce carbon footprints.


Reusable up to   3 years

ROI after 5-7 uses

Good for the planet

What Are You Waiting For?

We are transforming logistics and customer experiences for companies big and small.

“I think the reusable mailer is genius. It is super user friendly and the instructions for returning the bag are as simple as it comes.
Love, love, love!”
— La Belle Bump Customer

How It Works

Join major e-commerce retailers and others in the future of consumer unpacking. 


Identify your packaging
needs and frustrations


Create a reusable replacement leveraging RETURNITY technology


RETURNITY manufactures your custom packaging


Don't waste
another cardboard
box or bag. 


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